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Beyond the Maze - Journal
Beyond the Maze - Journal
Beyond the Maze - Journal
Beyond the Maze - Journal
Beyond the Maze - Journal

Beyond the Maze - Journal

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Beyond the Maze - Journal
A sacred space for your creative journey.

Get your creative juices flowing with Pi Luna's art journals. Use them to write, draw, paint, or create to your heart's desire. Select a size and paper type to meet your unique style. You also have the option to include the following inspirational story at the beginning of the journal:


I have a maze.

As I take a break from figuring things out and climb up to look at the big picture, I contemplate what got me into this mess in the first place.

At the core, I’m an artist. But I live in a society that believes you can’t make money as an artist and that creativity is associated with poverty.

Basically, I’ve been left with 3 choices:

  1. Don’t make art and be miserable.
  2. Make art and be poor.
  3. Destroy the myth of the starving artist.

Not making art is not an option, so that’s out. Like many millennials, I have hefty student loans, and poverty is not sustainable. I’d like to be able to make art for the rest of my life, so starving is out. That leaves the third option.

I pick up a piece of paper with the starving artist myth written on it. With a devious smile, I rip it in half. Oh, it feels so good! I rip it in half again. And again and again—until it is ripped up so completely, the words are illegible and stripped of all their power. Then I collect the fragments and throw them in the trash where they belong.

My determination is 100%, and I’m not just doing it for me. I’m doing it for all the artists and creatives who feel undervalued and unappreciated. I’m doing it for those who feel like they don’t belong in this world or whose gifts aren’t wanted. I’m doing it to be an example of what is possible and to eventually teach what I discover.

I’m doing it for future generations. For the kids who will eventually tell their family, “I want to be an artist. I want to be a dancer. I want to be [fill in the blank].” I’m doing it so they don’t have to see frowns or looks of fear. I’m doing it so they instead see smiles—the same looks as if they said they were going to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.

I’m also doing it for those who aren’t creatively inclined. Because people don’t need to make things for art, music, film, etc. to greatly enrich their lives.

It’s a goal that I will pursue as long as it takes even if it takes my whole life. Because it’s a goal bigger than myself and a goal that absolutely must be attained.

My motivation is 100%. Now it’s a matter of “how.” Hence the maze.

I learned a few things about solving problems when I used to teach math.

  1. There are multiple ways to get to the right answer. Just because it’s typically done one way doesn’t mean it has to be done that way.
  2. Solving a problem takes three steps. First, identify what you know. Second, identify what you don’t know. Third, use what you know to figure out what you don’t know.
  3. Solving problems is equally creative and logical.

As I take one last look at the horizon and the larger vision, I descend back into the maze. Armed with a spreadsheet, business plan, and myriad marketing/design software programs, I will move through each twist and turn as I experiment with new ideas. With each dead end, I will learn, cross that option off, and keep going—never letting overwhelm stop me. Because every maze, no matter how twisted, always has a way through.

Beyond the Maze
Artwork and story by Pi Luna