Pi Luna Art

Made with Paper, Not Paint

From a distance Pi Luna's artwork looks like paintings, but get up close and you'll start to see the shapes and textures. She cuts up tiny pieces of paper from recycled magazines and assembles them into imaginative visual stories to awaken the spirit and bring inspiration to our daily lives. Watch the video below to see how it works.

The Deck of Mirrors

Instead of giving you the answers, this unique deck shows you artwork and invites you to create your own meaning.

In a reading, Pi Luna will ask you to focus on a part of your life. It could be work, relationships, health, etc. Then, she will pull cards intuitively. She will hold them up and ask you a series of questions:

* What do you see?
* What do you feel?
*How does the image relate to that area of your life?

The insights and wisdom that surface from this art engagement are truly one-of-a-kind. Each interpretation is unique.

The deck features Pi Luna's artwork, inspired by Raven Siker's photography.

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Good for the Environment

In addition to using recycled materials, Pi Luna donates 10% of her revenue to planting trees with the non-profit organization "One Tree Planted". Happy trees create a happy planet.

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