Inclusion - Journal
Inclusion - Journal
Inclusion - Journal

Inclusion - Journal

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Get your creative juices flowing with Pi Luna's art journals. Use them to write, draw, paint, or create to your heart's desire.

  • 5 x 7 inches
  • Artwork printed on the front cover
  • 100 inner pages
  • Choose between blank, college ruled or half/half pages
  • Spiral bound
  • Black backing
  • 10% of your purchase will be donated to planting trees with "One Tree Planted"


You also have the option to include the following inspirational story at the beginning of the journal:


I love my dark side, for she throws a fit anytime I veer too far off the path. Should I find myself hanging with the wrong people, doing the wrong things, or in the wrong place, she will let me know. The intensity of her anxiety, depression, and rage leave me no choice but to stop and correct the course. But too much darkness and life can become unbearable.

I love my light side. I love the energy and joy she brings. I love how she expands and explores and finds juice in all moments. She makes life worth living. But too much light and the excitement gets me in trouble.

I love my introverted side because she creates the comfort of quiet, tea, and peace. I get to shut out the world and examine the complexities of my mind. But too much introversion, and I get lonely.

I love my extroverted side because it can expand beyond my comfort zone to meet new people and build great relationships. But too much socializing, and life becomes overwhelming.

I love my creative side because she awakes in the middle of the night, brimming with more ideas than are possible to achieve in a lifetime. Each vision explodes with life and excitement. But too much creativity and nothing gets done.

I love my practical side. The one who can slow down and make a plan. The one who can focus and make the details work. But too much practicality and everything becomes rigid.

So I extend a hand from one side to the other and vice versa, knowing that each relies on the other. Keeping my polarities separate yet connected because, in the end, puzzle pieces are meant to fit together.

Artwork and story by Pi Luna