Taking Back the Field

There was once a Zebra who was tired of running. As soon as they got comfortable with a patch of grass, the lions would come, and they were off again.

He asked his dad, “Why do we run?"

His dad chuckled and replied, “Because the lions will eat us.”

What a silly question.

But the Zebra would not give up on his question and thought long and hard. One day the epiphany came. What if we ran toward the lions instead of away from them? There are more of us than them. They’d have to move out of the way to avoid getting trampled.

Convincing the other zebras was impossible. They were stuck in their ways. The idea of running toward the lions seemed too scary, too risky and a path to certain death. But the Zebra would not give up.

One day he decided to go for it even though the rest of the pack was not with him. The lions came. As his family ran, he turned and bolted toward the threat. His dad looked back to realize what was happening.

“Nooo!” He turned to run toward his son to save him.
Then his mom and sister saw what was happening.
“Noooo!” They too turned to save their family.

And that’s how it happened. One by one the entire herd turned. And the lions got spooked and turned, too. Chase your fears so they won’t chase you.

Taking Back the Field
Story and artwork by Pi Luna
Created out of tiny pieces of paper cut out of recycled magazines.
18 x 24 inches 

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