Staying Power

Chip, chop, the chopping block failed.

It was supposed to be a wasteland--a black forest made of nothing but ash. It was supposed to be so dark that roots couldn't connect, and worms couldn't crawl.

Everyone was supposed to leave this bleak place, but I chose to stay. I decided to stand amid fear, warning signs, and the dust storm brewing in the distance.

There was no life in the sky or the ground. Birds were not around. Still, I chose to stay.

Looking and looking, I could find no signs of life. It was a hopeless case until I realized I was too busy looking outside that I missed the most important thing.

Life was within me. Nature was there all along. My lungs look like tree branches, my brain looks like walnuts, and the freckles on my arms look like stars. I am nature, and nature is within.

Staying was the first step. Next was to give. To allow the waters to flow beneath my feet and the light to shine. Soon sprouts started to show, and tree branches began to grow.

To stay is to live. And to live is to give for life comes from life.

Staying Power
Story and artwork by Pi Luna
Created out of tiny pieces of paper cut out of recycled magazines.
8 x 10 inches

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