Ripple Effect - Journal
Ripple Effect - Journal
Ripple Effect - Journal

Ripple Effect - Journal

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Get your creative juices flowing with Pi Luna's art journals. Use them to write, draw, paint, or create to your heart's desire.

  • 5 x 7 inches
  • Artwork printed on the front cover
  • 100 inner pages
  • Choose between blank, college ruled or half/half pages
  • Spiral bound
  • Black backing
  • 10% of your purchase will be donated to planting trees with "One Tree Planted"


You also have the option to include the following inspirational story at the beginning of the journal:


I first learned the concept of investment when I was 13 years old, although it had nothing to do with the stock market.

When I was in middle school, we went on a field trip to a classical art gallery/school. I became fascinated with the high level of technique and precision of the art I saw and asked my parents if I could take classes there after school.

I signed up for their beginning drawing class. The teacher hung a sculpture of a woman’s head on the wall and then put a piece of paper right next to it. Then he put a bit of blue masking tape on the floor about 3 feet away from the wall and handed a piece of charcoal.

My job was to stand where the tape was and look at the sculpture. Then walk up to the wall and draw what I saw. Then go back to the tape and repeat over and over again. The end goal was for the drawing and the sculpture to look identical.

At first, it was fun. But each time my teacher came around, he would point out a long list of mistakes I needed correct. Sometimes this involved erasing my hard work and starting over.

My 13-year-old self got angry as I rolled my eyes and refused to continue. He’d just chuckle and leave the room. Eventually, I got bored and did what he said.

It would be another 3 torturous months before I finished that drawing. In the end, it did look exactly like the sculpture.

What I gained from that class was much more than an impressive piece of art to frame and put on the wall. I learned how to see and how to draw—a skill that has had ripple effects throughout my life.

Investment is about making a short-term sacrifice of time, money, effort, and/or comfort to gain long-term benefits.

Ironically, many of the investments I see today have flipped. Short-term gains with long-term sacrifices. We’re starting to pay the price.

How do we invest in a better, long-term future?

Ripple Effect
Artwork and story by Pi Luna