Readings with the Deck of Mirrors
Readings with the Deck of Mirrors

Readings with the Deck of Mirrors

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The Deck of Mirrors helps you access your intuition and opens the door to new insights and clarity into your life. In a reading, Pi Luna will ask you to focus on a part of your life. It could be work, relationships, health, etc. Then she will pull cards intuitively. She will hold them up and ask you a series of questions:

* What do you see?
* What do you feel?
* How does the image relate to that area of your life?

The insights and wisdom that emerge from engaging with art this way are amazing. No two interpretations are the same. Like a mirror, we see ourselves projected in the art.

The deck includes 72 cards featuring Pi Luna's original artwork. The deck was also a collaborative project, and the concept of the deck and many of the images were inspired by photography by Raven Siker. 

After the reading, Pi will email you pictures of the cards you drew so you can reflect on them further. It also is recommended that you bring a pad of paper and a pen or pencil to take notes on the insights that arise during your reading.

Readings are $15 and take place on Zoom.