Currency of Life - Journal
Currency of Life - Journal
Currency of Life - Journal

Currency of Life - Journal

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Get your creative juices flowing with Pi Luna's art journals. Use them to write, draw, paint, or create to your heart's desire.

  • 5 x 7 inches
  • Artwork printed on the front cover
  • 100 inner pages
  • Choose between blank, college ruled or half/half pages
  • Spiral bound
  • Black backing
  • 10% of your purchase will be donated to planting trees with "One Tree Planted"


You also have the option to include the following inspirational story at the beginning of the journal:


How do I trade with a bird?
How do I price my services with a tree?
What do I give the bees in return for their sweet nectar?

Money is a tool for trade. It quantified the process of trading cows and tools and such. Now it has grown into complex institutions and systems—some working and some profoundly dysfunctional.

When I asked myself how I can make money in these times, a vision came. Birds, bees, ants, trees, worms, chipmunks, snakes, elephants, owls, coyotes, and so many species came. Each offered gifts and services in exchange for me telling their stories. Each wanting to speak but needing an interpreter.

The birds would be my marketers. The ants would build the business, and the trees would ground everything. The chipmunks would store resources for a rainy day, and the elephants would elevate the perspective. Each gift contained tremendous value. In exchange, I was to tell their story.

The eagle picked me up by the shoulders and flew me across one city after another. It showed me how tired its wings were because it had no place to land. It brought me to its nest where its babies were hungry. It was getting harder to feed them.

It flew me to the ocean and dropped me in the sea. Dolphins came to escort me to the center. They gave me gills and fins so I could dive deep. But I found nothing. “Where were all the fish?”

A dolphin swam toward me with a net in its mouth. It said, “The fish left long ago.”

Each species had a story, and each story had a sense of urgency.

In my vision, money came last. The eagle dropped me into a room filled with coins, and a voice said, “These will be yours, too.” I picked up a coin and thought, “I’m rich!” But the coin spoke to me. “Do not be fooled. I am not as valuable as you may think, for I only work between humans. When I was created, I was excluded from the rest of life. That is why there are so many problems.”

I left the room with a coin in hand and gave it to a crow. She dropped it and screamed at me. “This is useless to me! Instead, sing my song, and I will spread the word.”

Currency of Life
Artwork and story by Pi Luna