Vision Statement

"Together We Are Whole" by Pi Luna

Learning on All Sides of the Brain

My vision is to create an interactive, interdisciplinary business that uses art and storytelling to empower creative, innovative people with the skills to bring their visions to life. My products and offerings combine multiple learning styles to create holistic, engaging, and transformative experiences simultaneously practical and creative.

Equilibrium - 8 x 10.jpg__PID:bf9f8d69-8d50-4cef-b031-6cd98a32375f

"Equilibrium" by Pi Luna

A Double Life

My vision started with a split. Although everyone has a right brain (creative side) and a left brain (logical side), typically, people tend to be dominant on one side. Not for me. I have always had both sides equally. The early part of my life was an even split. I was a math teacher by day and an artist on nights and weekends—two sides at odds.

Inclusion - 8 x 10.jpg__PID:fd64dd4f-c9a6-4683-8e2c-12702edf4179

"Inclusion" by Pi Luna

A Longing for Wholeness

Although I loved math and art equally, I didn’t feel whole. I felt fragmented. Everywhere I went, I could only be a fraction of myself. I never got to show up fully. I longed for a way to bring the two sides together.

Natural Numbers - 8 x 10.jpg__PID:66798abc-1ac6-4727-b744-3f3a5e106557

"Natural Numbers" by Pi Luna

Are they Really Separate?

After working one-on-one with students, I had a realization. Something different was happening to me when I did math. My mind was processing the material uniquely. I think in pictures. When I was in math class, I would often visualize butterflies, stars, and stories. I would see the formulas in action and make the connection between what I was learning and how it applied to the world. My visions helped me make sense of the formulas and stay engaged.

Table with pieces.jpg__PID:50b9dbb4-120a-4fde-9bb2-182a5ba1bcf1

Finding My Pieces

I needed to develop many skill sets and experiences to pull this vision off. I would need to collect the pieces.

Scattered Pieces.jpg__PID:e6b15708-379b-48eb-9f7b-36bcb9ec34c6


As I progressed, I developed competencies in many different areas. I did a multitude of things and provided a wide variety of services. It confused others. They saw me as chaotic, unfocused, and scattered. They did not realize underneath the surface, a larger vision was forming.

Pick one piece.jpg__PID:8d3a7e02-3693-4016-b44a-eb9520888ff0

Pick Just One Piece

People told me to pick one piece and to focus on only one thing. Diversity was wrong and needed to be corrected.

Discard the rest.jpg__PID:c9346aa7-dffc-4741-8c4c-70081013d457

Discard the Rest

After picking one piece, I needed to discard the rest and throw the other pieces away to make room and space for the chosen piece.

Piece alone.jpg__PID:181500b9-9e99-4a72-baf9-5f20a2fb5c6a


It's all nice and neat now; a single piece has no distraction. It can develop fully. Well, this is what I was told. But my experience of singularity was the opposite. The piece began to shrink and become stuck. A puzzle piece has openings and slots built for connection. When isolated, the potential for connection can never be met. It's supposed to be part of something larger.

Bring Pieces back.jpg__PID:64cac834-8ab6-4155-9e7a-41cea0f11afe

Bring the Pieces Back

I focused on one piece or another at different times in my entrepreneurial path. The result was always the same: depression, stuckness, and a loss of connection. I had to bring the pieces back—all of them.

Split Boxes.jpg__PID:4e98cb48-fd88-4f9f-8b61-ec474d867b13

Box them Up

But the problem of chaos remained. It still wasn’t okay to be diverse. Instead of discarding pieces, we can separate them—and box them up. Split them apart. Then, the chaos will be contained.

Sub boxes.jpg__PID:22d8065d-7189-4499-853c-e53daf851cb5

Split into Sub-Boxes

The funny thing about separation is that it’s not enough just to split something once. The division is repetitive. One split turns into another. Then another. Then another. Wherever this is divergence, a new box is formed.

Individual Boxes.jpg__PID:ec3aa04e-4e95-4474-8bb8-9a51a387eb00


Separation will repeat so completely that all the pieces are boxed individually. Each piece is separate. A sense of order has now been accomplished.

Boxes don't connect.jpg__PID:1cef07e8-cfcc-4c71-8986-f3eb27c38aab

Boxes Don't Connect

But the boxes don’t connect because they are made out of walls. There are so many barriers that no communication can happen between them. Puzzle pieces are built to join but can’t connect when inside different boxes.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel - 8 x 8.jpg__PID:b82b8f6f-2950-46b6-afe7-804db9830c64

"Don't Reinvent the Wheel" by Pi Luna


The result is stuckness where nothing flows. It is forcing, shoving, and overworking to try and force life to happen. It’s like pushing a cart with square wheels up a hill. Is the effort worth it?

Riding the Wheel - 8 x 8.jpg__PID:1fefd952-0bcb-45d1-a3fc-b7f8be3c537b

"Riding the Wheel" by Pi Luna

The Importance of Chaos

Boxes are a distinctively human phenomenon. Go anywhere in nature; you will not see boxes, borders, or fences. You’ll see an abundance of life. Diverse plants, animals, and species all coexist in the same space. Chaos provides the flexibility and freedom of movement. It fosters connections and facilitates life.

Math on the Moon - 8 x 10.jpg__PID:371be1b2-4cad-4c63-ae2f-bacc528ed227

"Math on the Moon" by Pi Luna inspired by source photography by Raven Siker

The Number Pi

But chaos isn’t always chaos. It may look so on the surface, but connections are happening on another level. The number Pi is inherently chaotic. The number spits out a random assortment of numbers that follow no recognizable pattern. It just flows in its dance of irrationality. But this number has more going on. It also creates perfect circles. A shape that unifies all the numbers makes order and maintains balance. Unlike a box, a circle is inclusive.

Remove the boxes.jpg__PID:5a828432-0da4-4774-aedb-d01aeaf54dfb

Remove the Boxes

No more boxes. They might feel neat, but they do not foster connection. They do not facilitate higher order.

Taking a Stand - 8 x 10.jpg__PID:6b646fb7-cc33-4775-a040-5dbaa59e7409

"Taking a Stand" by Pi Luna

Standing Up for the Pieces

Instead, I stand up for my pieces—all of them. Each one is needed to complete a vision.

"Together We Are Whole" by Pi Luna

Organizing the Pieces

Puzzle pieces may start chaotic, but they don’t stay that way. They are designed to fit together. They are built for connection. My vision includes multiple learning styles and perspectives. Each is organized by color.

SLICES - Blue.jpg__PID:d6817ffc-4451-4fa9-8696-3865994fbce4


The blue pieces are about structure, time, and mechanics.

Enough - 8 x 8.jpg__PID:918566e0-02d7-4449-861a-6959a57a7f50

"The Catch" by Pi Luna

Building a Bigger Boat

We often seek abundance, but sometimes, that abundance can be more than we can handle. To catch a bigger fish, we need to build a bigger boat. The blue is all about making the systems that support us as we grow so we can handle what comes.

Sine of the Moon.jpg__PID:e162049b-9d0a-4d1e-a14a-f259fcd9ce49

"Sine of the Moon" by Pi Luna

Non-Linear Time

Although blue is about structure, I explore non-linear ways to organize time. I pull inspiration from nature to explore more organic forms like waves, cycles, webs, fractals, and branches. These models can help foster and support creativity instead of suppressing it.

SLICES - Green.jpg__PID:6ea6a5e2-724b-4ea6-8b0d-f456210d3a12


The green pieces are about the money, resources, and materials we need to build our businesses.

Self Image - 8 x 10.jpg__PID:dc8ac9a2-a970-4c40-bd2b-fa75cbb1f238

"Self Image" by Pi Luna


There is a practical side to managing money. But as a creative person, other deeper emotional and psychological challenges arise. When I became a full-time artist, I found that budgeting and spreadsheets couldn’t address the feelings of worthlessness. The message I got from our society is that art doesn’t make money, and I would starve. I had to go beyond what I knew and seek answers from another source to keep going.

Seed of Prosperity - 8 x 8.jpg__PID:cac70bfb-4b3b-4966-a701-d81fb71960a5

"Seed of Prosperity" by Pi Luna

Currency of Life

One day, I drove up the mountain seeking help and a new perspective on money. To find a perspective to support my art rather than shut it down. Nature heard my call for help and responded. I had many experiences with trees, mountain lions, chipmunks, ravens, and other life forms. Each experience taught me a lesson that I implemented in my art business. Each time, it helped me find my way and to continue. My vision will include these stories and lessons.

SLICES - Purple.jpg__PID:18322fb9-c46a-4f9e-8a0d-326462c69f74


The purple pieces discuss self-reflection, spirituality, and aligning with our higher wisdom.

Tending the Fire - 8 x 10.jpg__PID:c73c8210-22d8-4540-a6ab-a7792c01c3ac

"Tending the Fire" by Pi Luna


The best ideas flow through us. Self-reflection, meditation, visioning, and connecting with something larger than ourselves help us connect with our purpose. It helps us find our direction.

SLICES - Red.jpg__PID:de4b154b-57a2-41bc-b4d5-4b1cdf4a10a4


The red pieces are about marketing, sales, and interacting with others.

Balance - 8 x 10.jpg__PID:2819e7fb-af8b-4101-a706-e2b69cb77266

"Balance" by Pi Luna inspired by source photography by Raven Siker


The red pieces are about navigating our relationships with others, negotiating, and finding the balance between creating a business that serves others and staying aligned with our vision and creativity.

SLICES - Orange.jpg__PID:d4c3091f-309d-4c70-806d-79c35859b505


The orange is about creativity. It’s about making art, writing, dance, or whatever the medium may be and then packaging those creations into products and services.

Dance of the Iris.jpg__PID:be821a91-8277-4b4d-8be7-54aecab0ac5d

"Dance of the Iris" by Pi Luna


Creativity flows and needs freedom. It’s an alchemy of different influences and elements. It cannot be boxed in.

SLICES - Yellow.jpg__PID:5c6946a3-bf08-48ca-8505-d88a5b7d4c4c


Yellow is about storytelling. There is more going on in our art than meets the eye. It’s about sharing the process and inspiration so others can come into our world. It fosters deeper connections.

School of Our Ancestors - 8 x 8.jpg__PID:6a3cfebb-2d3a-46fb-9192-53de4a48c700

"School of Our Ancestors" by Pi Luna


Since the beginning, people have used storytelling to educate, entertain, and build culture. It is a tool I will use to teach new ideas and connections.


The Rings

In addition to colors, the wheel has three rings.

RING - Inner.jpg__PID:0b6b8cd2-3d21-4ac1-88ff-889cb3df23ac

Inner Ring

The inner ring is about the individual. It’s about the creative person’s own life and process. We start here because the individual’s growth and transformation lead to expansion.

RING - Middle.jpg__PID:77de5fe3-9bfd-432f-ad23-06344dbae74d

Middle Ring

The middle ring is about relationships. Businesses don’t happen in a vacuum. They involve many interactions with customers, staff, vendors, etc. This ring is about strengthening those relationships.

RING - Outer.jpg__PID:866ecd98-7c2a-4018-8eef-42fe164b07b6

Outer Ring

The outer ring is about publicity. It is about having an impact on the larger society. It’s about making our messages visible to larger audiences.

A Way Up - 8 x 10.jpg__PID:8ce1a9ee-a638-4db9-8878-5f8fb5250429

"A Way Up" by Pi Luna

The Way Forward

The Wheel is a large multi-media project that includes art, stories, lessons, and perspectives. It is a vision that cannot be created overnight. It is something that needs time to develop.

Greeting Card_Front_Moon Bloom.jpg__PID:7824071b-1436-4456-8969-f8660bd963af

"Moon Bloom" by Pi Luna

Stage One: Products

The first stage is to create the art and stories I’ll need. As I create these images, I can keep notes about how they relate to the puzzle wheel, but the artwork can also stand alone. I can sell the originals, make products from them, and sell them in stores, which helps me earn a living while creating content and building a solid network I’ll need later.

321799856_5655545624513689_4577914091707526939_n (1).jpg__PID:e9b9c719-1606-4f50-b1d3-85cc9302f3a4

Stage Two: The Box

As the art and stories come together, I can group them into a new product. The Box! It’s a way of being outside the box with a box. Each puzzle piece will have a separate box to symbolize the initial separation. Opening the box represents breaking down barriers, opening up to new possibilities, and fostering creative growth. Inside is a mixture of art, stories, prompts, activities, and more. It’s interactive and transformational.

SLICES - Orange.jpg__PID:d4c3091f-309d-4c70-806d-79c35859b505

Stage Three: Courses

The boxes can come together to form more extensive online courses. They can include videos, discussions, classes, and more. They bring together all the pieces of the same color.


Stage Four: Curriculum

All six colors combine to create a cohesive curriculum for schools, colleges, and small business development centers that engages all sides of the brain.