Together We Are Whole

The Earth was told to focus. She was told you have way too much going on and that having so many different types of birds was confusing. She was told she was messy. The roots and branches were too entangled and needed to be organized. She was told to pick one tree and one bird and ditch the rest. Then the world will make sense.

Humanity was spinning out of control, and consensus could not be found. Pick one person, one race, one gender, one religion, and ditch the rest it was told. Then there will be peace.

The puzzle had too many pieces, and it was getting overwhelming. Pick your favorite part and throw out the rest it was told. Then it would have clarity.

But one day, a disease wiped out the one type of tree. All the trees were gone without other species to act as a buffer. The one species of bird that relied on that one type of tree was now gone. The one kind of person found it could not survive without someone else to grow the food, make the clothes and take care of the sick. It was lonely without the rest. It needed its fellow pieces to belong. And the one puzzle piece never found its place.

And so, despite all the advice, the Earth knew what to do. She opened the flood gates and let diversity flow. Humanity brought back all different types of people again. And the puzzle reunited with its missing pieces.

For diversity is the key to sustainability. It is the key to life.

Together We Are Whole
Story and artwork by Pi Luna

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