School of Our Ancestors

What happens next?

Johnny leaned forward. His eyes widened as he listened to his uncle tell the story of taking down a bear with a mere pebble. The images in Johnny's mind were so vivid. He could see the bear's nostrils flare as it stood on its hind legs to roar. 

His mother could barely pry Johnny away to bed, as he begged to stay until the end. "Please, please, let me hear what happens next." 

The school of our ancestors—the classroom of smoke and stories. Many years later, when Johnny was walking down a winding path, a bear appeared. Its nostrils began to flare. Without thinking, Johnny dropped to the ground and grabbed a pebble. He had done this before, once in his imagination and now in reality. And so the story was told.

School of Our Ancestors
Story and artwork by Pi Luna
Created out of tiny pieces of paper cut out of recycled magazines.
12 x 12 inches

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