Mastery of the Heart

How do you climb a cliff?

"Come on. You can do it. Don't give up on yourself."
My face scrunches tight as I feel that impossible burn.

Sometimes the challenges seem too high and the goal too hard to attain, so we give up and resort to pebbles.

But there's a funny thing about pebbles. When I was creating this painting, I ran into a glitch. I knew I needed to draw a cliff, but how?
Climb up to the top, kneel and take pictures?
Search the internet for stock photos?
Make it up?

But what if I don't have climbing gear, prefer to draw from life, and can't visualize the details?

Answer: Find a pebble.

Nature has a funny way of repeating itself in multiple sizes and forms. Branches on a tree, veins in a heart, and lines made from a bolt of lightning all share the same shape. And pebbles, rocks, and cliffs share the same basic texture/color patterns. Zoom in enough on that pebble, and the cliff will appear.

Whether it be a cliff or a pebble, love will be waiting. Because like any muscle, the heart must beat to stay alive. It is in the effort that we live.

Mastery of the Heart
Story and artwork by Pi Luna

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